My YouTube Journey

Making programming tutorials

My channel, Teenage Code

On December 26th, 2021, I uploaded my first YouTube video to my brand new channel, Teenage Code. To be fair, I made a few videos before then, but they were loosely posted on various channels and weren't very good.

This was the fist time I dedicated a good amount of time into editing a programming tutorial. The video itself wasn't anything impressive- just a simple way to use Tilemaps to instance scenes. I've since taken the video down as it doesn't hold much of a candle next to the rest of my videos.

My first video didn't do well. It got a couple hundered views, but not a lot of engagement or helpfulness came out of it.

I posted a few more videos about random, various things. None of them were doing well at all though, until I finally made some progress when I made a Bubble Bobble tutorial.

The Bubble Bobble tutorial was my first video with over 1k views. It was fast, informative, and well edited. Additionally, Godot tutorials are (and will continue to be ) in high demand on YouTube.

I continued to make Godot tutorial videos, most notably tips and tricks videos. I started branching out and covering more broad topics of Godot as well.

Eventually, I started to get bored of making YouTube videos. I got 1000 subscribers after about a year, and a year after that I had 1,300.

Now I just make videos once every few months when a passionate topic comes by me. I have a lot of fun on YouTube, and it has helped me learn a lot of new things!