How I made a GTA clone in a week

My second GTA clone

This clone came complete with more guns, lighting features, and overall better gameplay

In November 2022, I started to feel nostalgic for when I had created my first GTA clone.

To fill in that nostalgia, I just created another clone. This time, I tried to add more features- and do it in less time. I put a bunch of effort into the scenery, just trying to make everything look better and more polished. I addes small touches like benches and traffic lights.

The cars make noises as they pass you, and they can kill civillians that walk in their path. The civillians can shoot back at you if they feel bold enough. To unlock more guns, you have to earn points and use your phone to purchase them. Every little detail was made to make the game more lively.

The overall vibe of this game was geared towards GTA Vice City. If you want to play it, you can view it on Itch.

To view the more technical aspects of the game, you can see how I made it on YouTube.