First Ever Scratch Game

My roots in Computer Science

"Make an angle" from April 29th, 2017

The year was 2017, I was in 5th grade, and on one particular day we all got out of class early because of our favorite event:

The book fair.

While a name like "book fair" doesn't seem very exiting, most kids just browsed all the toys and Minecraft posters. My parents, however, always made me get at least two books before I could buy anything else. So I started grabbing whatever books I could find, when something caught my eye:

"20 Games to Create with Scratch," by Max Wainewright

For some reason, this book actually had me really excited to go and try. When I got home, I created a Scratch account and started making some of the games.

Of course, I don't remember much about anything back then, but I do still have some of the games I made. I can go as far back as March, 2017, and find a small racing game I made from the book.

From then on, I continued making stuff on Scratch for a few more years. Nothing too noteable, but I did snag some official "Hour of Code" certificates in 5th and 6th grade, which used a similar drag-and-drop programming interface.

"This certificate is awarded to Aengus Patterson for successful completion of Hour of Code"

Now allegedly, these certificates prove my demonstration in a "basic understanding" of Computer Science. Funny how it still feels like, after all these years, I can never get past that "basic understanding." There's just always more to learn!