Aengus Patterson

🚀 Welcome to my website!

Polyarte: A person who obtains many skills and hobbies to make themselves a better person.

📜 Manifesto

"Making the world a better place" is a faceless expression nowadays. It's something to spice up your speech when it's lacking virtue. In my case, my goals are actually fueled by altruism. Everything I do is done so that one day, society will benefit from my actions.

In a perfect world, machines would automate all the boring stuff. Houses would be 3d printed, food would be artificially produced, transportation would be synonymous with teleportation, and healthcare wouldn't even need to exist. Humans would get to do all the fun stuff like sports and art.

Sometime shortly after gaining consciousness, I realized this was still far away.

I, however, know that somebody has to work towards a better future. I love creating small tools that can help people automate tedious tasks and learning new tech stacks so I can develop bigger projects. Every second of creating and learning I do is done so that some day, I can contribute to large scale projects that will make a big impact in the world.

👩🏽‍🚀 Projects

🏆 Accomplishments

The best way to predict the future is to create it
-Alan Kay

📶 Work History

Cybersecurity Apprenticeship

In 2023, I was introduced to a 3-phase Cybersecurity Apprenticeship program, where I got to learn Technical Support, Systems Operations Center, and Cybersecurity practices. I gained valuable work experience and took advantage of the many opportunities I was offered.

Grocery Store Personnel

In 2022, I found my first job at a grocery store. I learned about the Point of Sale systems and customer interactions, and I was introduced to Marketing & Management concepts. I was cross trained and was able to fill in for other positions as needed.

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